So who are we?

Hi, we are the Power Family. I'm Rachel, I'm the one you will often see in the cafe, speak with on the phone or chat with on the email or Facebook page. My husband Greg is a professional photographer. His images are the great shots on this website (the not so great ones are mine, I'm sure you will be able to tell), Greg also loves to take people out on his Photo Tours. We have 3 children who love this park just as much as we do.

Our story began when we had 2 children, aged then 5 and 3. Greg, who worked at the National Library of Australia at the time wanted to take his long service leave and travel Australia taking photos. I laughed... for quite a while... before realising he was serious and would leave me at home with the kids!  The Great Aussie Road Trip was born, and in 2008 we embarked on our first adventure - 4 months around mainland Australia.

We had the travel bug! We were lucky to then spend 2 months of every year on the road, with our first trip as a family of 5 to Lake Eyre where my son took his first steps. It was our 2011 that changed our lives however - our Tassie Adventure. 2 days in the state and we were ready to move!

We found our Cafe in what was our favourite National Park in Tasmania, we purchased it in 2012 and haven't looked back since. We live and work in paradise with an amazing team of local staff who drive us as much as we drive ourselves. Together we are winning awards and recognition as a driving force for tourism in our region - and with good reason, Mt Field is quite simply THE best National Park in Australia (and I'm qualified to say that, not just biased).

We would love to see you out here so make sure you introduce yourself! Great coffee, local food and a big future. A park that is so much more than a waterfall, and a Cafe that is so much more than great coffee ... see you soon

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